No mods, no support, no stability, whats good about it again?

WE ATTEMPTED to move our companies small file server to Seafile. it was probably one of the biggest IT mistakes of 2017. Client crashes explorer, or explorer will crash client, NO ONE on this board knows what they are doing ,and those who do do not answer anything.

Good news is Dropbox continues to be stable, sad news we liked control of the server better with seafile, to bad the developer just didnt give two SH$% about his software and getting the bugs out!

Do you have PRO or so you use the CE?
What systems are the users running? Server backend runs on Linux? Do you use mginx/haproxy?

Interesting thing that it seems to work for many users without or little problems.

Often it is an antivirus software that keeps explorers crashing. This is often not the fault of Seafile.

Based on what I read in the single post you wrote, it seems that you do not yet fully understand how Seafile works. It seems that you blame the software without even following best practise. Your attitude towards the community is not nice and you expect help for free?

We are happy to help but not like this. :confused:

So what’s your issue with that little information I can’t help you.

Ok, so I have read your other thread and it do seem that you have lack of knowledge how to run a server as far as I can understand.

So paint a total picture of how you have everything connected then after that I can help you.

I am totally willing to admit we do not have “super powers” when it comes to Linux. I am saying that when the client is open it CRASHES explorer.

So here is the setup:

the server runs CENTOS 7 with sea-file server installed, we connect to it via the clients, which can come from android, Iphone, Macs , or Win Boxes.

We can also connect via http (yes it is unsecured but we do not have any financial info on that server) but mostly the connections are done through the clients.

I ALSO agree that something DID happen to make the explorer crash, I myself am a Windows Admin of 14 years, however it is not something we changed on our systems. I even upgraded the client to the latest version but that did not solve the problem.

My frustrations were in the fact that I DID reach out to the dev, which was all to happy to fill the inbox of my profile with automated messages, but not interested in returning a simple message from a real active user.

So thats where we are at, it just shut down explorer.exe again, I can also get the event log if you need to see it, but that is cryptic and we cannot trace the crash or the dump to anything other then the seafile applet (client)

Thanks in advance, and again my annoyances was in the fact that a majority of the threads on here go un answered, that is why I spoke out about it being buggy and unstable and largely unsupported.

If we had to pay for the software and support we would gladly do so. As long as the developer knew how to fix the issues with the software.

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What client do you use? The drive client or the syncing client? What Windows version do you use that explorer crash?

sync client all computers 6.1.4
windows 7 professional

Does the client crash on all the Windows computers you have or only for one computer ?

Just the one strangely, but this started all by itself!


You can try to disable the Windows explorer extension.

Drop the attitude, buy the Pro version and you will get the support that you want but then you need to pay for it, this forum is here to help people for free - it’s FREE and @daniel.pan are very nice that are helping out in the forum so please show some respect!

I’m in for surgery today but I’ll take a look at your case within one weeek if you don’t have solved it, but everything that your asking for you can google or something like that the manual is good.

Take a look at my guide @ how to setup Seafile server in the right way.

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I GIVE paid support to stable products all the time

as for the guide are we now blaming this on the server only?

you can see how this is all over the road right?

Did you try to disable the antivirus on the pc? Anything in the client logs? What is the difference between the PCs where it works, where it does not work?

hello there

they all use BITDEFENDER corporate, disabling it is a pain, but there are no errors in the logs,

client logs? can you be more specific, i did not know logging was a feature, thats my bad

Properly installing and configuring Seafile does not require “Linux Superpowers”.

I am sensing the frustration is caused by you not properly vetting this software with what you are already running on your client workstations, or else there wouldn’t be this level of anger and irritation.

Back your changes out and properly vet this software with a duplicate server and a single test client. Antivirus causes client problems. Network adapter drivers can cause client problems. Missing Windows updates can cause client problems.

It seems like you ran head first into the unknown without checking to make sure it was going to work for you! I feel sorry for your users :slight_smile:


I feel sorry for your attitude, I used to fire eggheads like you!

You should have a test client and check what causes the issue.

That’s it, I’ll not help you with your issue.
Damn man show people some respect and skip the attitude.

Seafile has many users and they don’t have any issue with it, so the issue are on your side of the table.

I am sure I am the only one with issues with the software. Instead of telling people to “run test clients” why not TEST the software before it is in use. strangely since i have been posting here there are no issues. I can only imagine when the next one will come!

I was in IT for 14 years in DC and we didnt just take software and go “hey it didnt break on our machine, so lets give it to the world!” There is a reason dropbox costs money, I am not saying we like that service, I AM saying it is completely reliable.

People like you don’t deserve any help at all. As stated before, this is a community forum with community users helping other community users. Of course there is no problem with trying out the community version within your company but then you have to describe your problems in detail.

I can’t believe you are an IT administrator at all - You should have learned to give us information about which OS you use, which Seafile version, which clients and how you set up the server. You are only blaming the Seafile developers without any clues. This is a very annoying behaviour and I feel sorry for all people who have to deal with you.