No upload via Webinterface for files greater then 1 MB no Reverse Proxy

my Problem:
No upload via Webinterface for files greater then 1 MB (no Reverse Proxy). After upload files > 1MB the filesize is 0 Byte. Syncing with Seafileclient and download with webinterface is no problem.
Any help?

Server Ubuntu 20, Seafile 10.0.1


did you configure “SERVICE_URL” and “FILE_SERVER_ROOT” in the administrator settings panel on the web interface?
If you are not using a proxy, here is an example configuration to adapt to your configuration:


you also need to add this line to the file with the server ip:


and modify the “bind” in the file:

# default localhost:8000
bind= ""

and also the “host” in seafile.conf:


after that you should be able to upload and download with Seafile from the web interface.

Thank you for your answer, but only files greater then 1MB are 0 Bytes after upload with web frontend (drag and drop). Using the seafile client or shared links , downloads… all is ok.


Are Uploads via Seafile client of files greater then 1 MB possible?


use_go_fileserver = true results uploading error in web #2652
After removing
use_go_fileserver = true
in seafile.conf all is ok. :-((

I have the same problem with Seafile installed on an Ubuntu 20 system.
Previously on version 9 of Seafile there were no problems uploading files with more than 1 MB with the same configuration of seafile.conf for both Seafile directly and also Nginx.

The disabling of the Go fileserver worked also for me. But I’m searching for a way to get the upload of files with more than 1 MB and activated Go fileserver back to work again.

Thanks in advance!