No WebUI: Internal server error

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since quite a time, I’m not able to access my seafiles webUI anymore. Sync works with all clients but when I’m trying to open wegui ist says: Internal server error.
Seafile pro 10.0.10

Any ideas where to look for errors? Didn’t find much in the logs except in fileserver.log every few seconds:
File server exiting: listen tcp bind: address already in use
What does this mean and could it be in connection with my problem?

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That means that another program is already using port 8082 so this one can’t. Probably means you have 2 copies running, or maybe a there’s a dead one still holding onto that port so another one can’t have it. Easiest fix is probably just a reboot.

That might or might not fix your “internal server error”. That error could be coming from your reverse proxy (apache or nginx or whatever). So the reboot might help unless that’s on another machine.

Thanks for your answer. I have rebooted the server (it’s just one, no cluster) serveral times but that doesn’t solve nor this or the other problem.
Thanks for the hint with nginx, I will look into these logs.

Ok, I’ve found the solution:

Python stuff wasn’t up to date!
Although I’m sure I’ve updated all this according to
Upgrade notes for 10.0.x - Seafile Admin Manual
But content has changed since my upgrade to 10.x!???

Nevertheless: it works now.

The other error (bind address already in use) still persists…

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