Not getting Email notification of file changes

Hi all, I have succesfully setup seafile server with docker and everything works fine with the exception of mail notifications of file changes.

I have already configured as per manual and I get these 4 notifications email:

  • User resets his/her password
  • System admin adds new member
  • System admin resets user password
  • User sends file/folder share and upload link

But I do not get any emails about files changes. I have checked seahub_email_sender.log and I see multiple lines showing the following warning warning:


?: (staticfiles.W004) The directory ‘/opt/seafile/seafile-server-11.0.2/seahub/seahub/…/frontend/build’ in the STATICFILES_DIRS setting does not exist.

Any idea how to get file changes email.


Did you get it solved? Getting the same warning in my logs.