Notification dot when file is opened (like dropbox)


For 20+ employees we had a small workshop how to work with Seafile.

There was only one major thing that bugged them (and us) a lot: They need a direct notification when a synced file is opened (e.g. a red dot in front of the file(s)). And not afterwards.

Why? This way other users can see that the file is opened. Now it’s like when multiple users work at once on the same file you only will be notified afterwards: you see lots of different files. All these edited files need to be merged again. You will understand: that’s VERY inefficient.

So how can we activate the red dot or something else that will notify users that a file is opened. I reckon that this is a standard feature of Seafile.

Hope for a quick respond.

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Hi Knert,
welcome to the Seafile Community! Pleased to hear that your users like Seafile and that there is only one thing bugging you.
Talking about this one thing, I am not entirely sure what this is. Are you talking about file locking? If this is what you mean by “a red dot in front of the file”, I can confirm: This is a standard feature of Seafile. The caveat is: It is a standard feature of Seafile Professional. It is NOT included in Seafile Community Edition and cannot be enabled/activated.
Hope this helps.


Thank you for your respons.

No, that is not what our customer needs. They only need want to see when a file is opened by some user.

The best way is a red dot instead of the green checkbox.

Now Seafile will notify you AFTERWARDS when a file is changed. Our customer wants to know BEFORE a file is changed that the particular file is opened.

This way they can see directly when some user has a file opened so that they leave this file alone.

In other words may be it’s better to say: check/dot the active files that are opened.

Hi Knert,
what you are talking about is file locking. File locking - by means of a little overlay icon - signals to other users that a file is being edited (see file brief.docx in screenshot below). A locked file can be opened by other users, but only in read-only mode.
As I said above: File locking is a standard feature of Seafile PE.


Thank you for your respond.
We notified our customer. Still file locking for them is useless unless they can lock folders. It’s impossible for our customer since they work with dozens of files each time. (that’s why they needed the red dot so others can see when a file is openend).

So the most burning question: can we lock folders. If not then we need this with the highest urgency or Seafile is useless for them.

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Unforatunately, the feature file locking does not support locking folders.

This is a major problem.

Any way to pm each other?

Sorry to hear that.
Please contact my company datamate. datamate is Seafile’s primary European distribution partner.

Ok. I will email them. Ich probiere das in meiner bestes Deutsch sammen zu stellen.

Thanks for the effort. English is just fine though.

Just sent an email.