Notification on file upload to a shared library

Dear all,

I have installed seafile community edition (non pro) and I am facing a notification issue, on which files uploaded to a shared folder do not generate a email notification.

The scenario:

  1. I have a shared folder;
  2. I upload file to that shared folder and it works;
  3. I was expecting a email notification from the seafile server but it is not being sent.

Currently we receive notification for Folder/Library sharing, user creation and password reset.

How can we fix this issue?

Mauro Chan Son Suleimane

There is a new feature in version 10 (pro edition), Watch and get notifications for libraries. You can watch a library in the dropdown menu of a library.

After watching a library, if other people modify the library, you can get a site notification.

Unread site notifications will be sent to your email depends on your personal settings.

Hi @live-seafile,

Thank for the reply, is that the only option available?

Isn´t there any other option available for the community edition?

Mauro Chan Son Suleimane

This feature is not in community edition yet.