Office 2016 integration (local not web) with seafile

I’m looking at trying to integrate office 2016 (not 2013 where there were registry entries to change) with seafile.
Has anyone ever tried ? This way letting office seamlessly integrate as a cloud service
Kind Regards

Not sure what you try to do and I guess I am not the only one given the absence of responses.

Please elaborate.

Is as described. Office 2016 comes with One drive integration, and there are plugins for google drive and dropbox etc, however nothing for Seafile, which allows files to be directly saved to the seafile repository, and locally cached copy if it exists. I know Seadrive allows you to access seafile directly without a cache copy, but this still requires a local drive (typically s:), and there is no integration into office so when you open or save a document you can’t just click on a seafile link like you can for onedrive, google and dropbox etc.
In office 2013, there was a more rudimentary form possible with registry changes, but these do not work with office 2016.
My question is how to do office 2016 integration with seafile either the client or drive
Does this explain enough ?