One file not in sync

Hello. For some reason unknown to me this file is not synchronizing. Please look at screenshot. Explorer persistently shows it in “syncing” state, but nothing happened (tray icon is green). When trying to uncheck “Always keep on this device” checkbox, in logs we can see this string. After checking back again nothing happens.

CfDehydratePlaceholder failed on C:\Users\Mikhail\SeaDrive\Mikhail\My Libraries/My Library\VirtualBox VMs/VagrantTest_default_1629448180080_11253/VagrantTest_default_1629448180080_11253.vbox-prev: The file is not in sync with the cloud.


maybe it is because of slashes “/” in the path? Shoud be backslashes “”. Just an idea.

Hmm, why slashes there, I even did not notice, thanks.
No, I don’t think so, because other files in the same folder were synced.

Maybe file is locked by virtualbox?

No. VM is not running and VirtualBox is closed.

It could be a bug with displaying proper sync state. Another case: I have a folder, in status bar of Explorer I see “Sync pending” and “two arrows” icon on the folder. If I open this directory, I see all files synchronized.

Also, a strange issue: all empty folders displayed with “cloud” icon, however they are cached locally (because they are empty anyway). This is not relevant for this bug, but it is confusing.