One user in multiple organizations (multi-tenant)

Hey there,

I was wondering if there is any way to isolate some users but allow other uses to share libraries unrestricted.

Basically, we need to share data with customers. Our team must be able to share data with any customer. But customers must not be able to share data with each other under any circumstance, and they should not even know of each other for that matter.

I thought the multi-tentancy support in Seafile Pro would cover this case, but my team members can not join more than one organization. This would mean we’d require a separate team account for every organization, which would quickly become a mess.

Is there any other solution for our case?

Hi Waldemar, welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!

I think multi-tenancy is not the right feature for you! It is more geared towards hosting providers.

I would rather try the guest feature. A guest user is a Seafile user with the restricted user role ‘guest’. A guest user can access libraries/folders shared with him/her (either read-write or read-only), but a guest cannot create libraries of his own. You find more info on roles and permissions in Seafile at (or in German at:

If your customers must not see one another, then auto-completition for user names must be disabled.

The Professional Edition has another feature that may be nice for you: Seafile PE allows you to grant library access only via the web interface. An “online read-write” permission, for instance, allows the privileged user to access a library, read its contents, create new folders, even edit files using a possibly integrated online editor, but the user cannot download the data/access the files with a client - neither desktop nor mobile.

Hope this helps!

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@rdb for me at lest helped :slight_smile: thanks for explaining in a easy way.

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Glad I could help! :wink:

Just found another solution, which does not require seafile pro: Share only with users from your own groups