Only office saving latency


I’m on pro 6.2.13

There was previously a bug on file versionning when a document was opened and saved on OO

This bug has been fixed by 6.2.13 release

But, i noticed some latency in the saving process.

  • Seahub is not automatically updated : you hae to refresh the page
  • even after a first resh, the saving date is not updated
  • in some cases, the file is not updated at all

But if you wait 3+ seconds and refresh the page, it is ok.
But 3 seconds is a lot for a user who wants to know of its modifications hava been saved :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is the any tuning that can prevent this kind of behaviour ?


Is this maybe related to performance of the server running the document server? The network might also be the reason. When We work with docs it saves within 0.X to 1.X seconds. Depending on the doc size.

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I think he is talking about the doc saving from OO to seahub, rather than saving in the OO.

It does take longer time for OO to push the update to seahub (same experience at my side). I think the reason is that OO uses some timeout mechanism to determine if the user closes the doc. After that, it push the updated file to seahub at once.

Is think so, also. There may be a parameter to set this time out. I’ll check it later


I’m not sure at all, but co-edit config parameter (fast/strict) may have an impact on timeout

By the way, this behaviour is very hazardous and may also depend on seahub overload.