ONLYOFFICE Docs is updated to version 7.2

The update comes with many new features, including:

  • Plugin marketplace with one-click installation;
  • Live document viewer;
  • Enhanced work with fonts: ligatures and support for new scripts;
  • New form field types (email address, phone number, complex field);
  • Spreadsheet embedding as OLE objects;
  • Improved usability;
  • Dark Contrast interface theme + Dark document mode;
  • Updated Search & Replace;
  • Hotkeys for Paste Special;
  • New features in editors and more.

Learn more at onlyoffice[dot]com/blog

Thanks for letting us know. Has the new version been tested with seafile? There seem to be some issues: Seafile CE 9.0.8 + OnlyOffice 7.2.204 = White/Blank Screen