ONLYOFFICE Editors v5.3 + new interface for the free version

Great news for those who integrated ONLYOFFICE with Seafile to edit docs, spreadsheets, and presentations! Version 5.3 is out.

What’s new in all editors:

  • The number of available document languages increased from 46 to 250;
  • More hieroglyphic alphabets added;
  • Improved support for CJK fonts;
  • Work with images without plugins: flipping, cropping, rotating, aligning pictures/shapes to pages, margins, and slides;
  • Improved reviewing;
  • Text To Columns and Paste Wizards in spreadsheets;
  • New formulas (ASX, BETAINV and HYPERLINK) and support for Array Formula;
  • Print areas.

New interface for the free version

With version 5.3, the tabbed toolbar is available for free Document Server users. In the new toolbar editing instruments are grouped into functional tabs to make your work more intuitive.

The new toolbar also brought several useful features previously available only in commercial builds:

  • Display modes for Track Changes;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Navigation panel for Table Of Contents;
  • Pivot table formatting;
  • Presenter mode in presentation editor.

Hope this information will be useful for the Seafile users.

Thanks for this update. Sounds like ONLYOFFICE Community offers more features than ever before.

Here’s a question for you: According to this comparision of the Community (CE) and the Integration Edition (IE), the tabbed interface, pivot tables, track changes were the tree major differences between the two edition. Now that these three features have been added to ONLYOFFICE CE, what are the functional differences between CE and IE? Are there still any? (Will you also update the comparison chart?)


We will definitely update the comparison charts! There are no functional differences, however, free Document Server is aimed at being used by small teams with up to 20 users. IE can be used by big teams and corporations as it allows clusterization. We also provide tech support for the IE which is included in its price.

This are great news for ONLYOFFICE Community Users!