OnlyOffice integration


I am seafile user and want also to get professional version in near future for our business.
For our business we just evaluating online office solutions. The result up to now in open source sector are 2 possible solutions:

  • collabora
  • onlyoffice
    We have tested both solutions and the result is that onlyoffice seems to be the better solution from both.

Therefore my question: Is it possible to integrate also onlyoffice like is possible with collabora? Are there any plans or has someone tried to make this integration working?

Thank you for your feedback

BR, Gino


This looks very nice! @daniel.pan - Might be interesting for you.

Well, it works already - you can run an OnlyOffice virtual machine and access docs located on a Seafile server via WebDav. Can provide an nginx config if someone is interested.

Hi korry

Well, I know about this possibility. But I am not really interested in installing onlyoffice-communityserver and access seafile via webdav. It is not the right approach, having 2 document handling systems.

My wish is to install only onlyoffice-documentserver and interface it with seafile. When browsing files in seafile and click on a document the document should be opened in onlyoffice-documentserver.

Thank you

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Can you ask developers of OnlyOffice to support WOPI protocol? The WOPI interface is used by MS Office Online Server and Collabora Online.

If OnlyOffice can implement this protocol, it can be connected with Seafile the same way as Collabora Online and MS Office Online Server.


I will do this, i think this is a very good solution. I will give you the feedback i receive.

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I have been using Seafile CE 6.0.5 alongside OnlyOffice CE Docker (Ubuntu 16) for some time and they have been working well together. The two servers connect via WebDAV which is enabled on Seafile.

Although OnlyOffice stores files locally Seafile provides considerable ‘back-end’ storage and generally augments OnlyOffice. They make an interesting and compelling pair.

I suggest anyone interested in a full-featured collaborative Office server look at OnlyOffice CE or Enterprise.

Have also briefly checked and compared onlyoffice with collabora and MS Office online. Looks great. Would be a real advantage to have it integrated in seafile! Could be a win/win for both seafile and onlyoffice!

Made some investigations about OnlyOffice and WOPI… unfortunately I did not found anything…
Looking forward to hear what they tell us about this. @marcusm, thank you for taking this task! :slight_smile:

For anyone is interested in, here the link to the OnlyOffice document server API documentation:

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Here is the reply to my mail:

“Right now we do not support it. But you are not the only person who requestes this feature, so we are working on it and will support it asap.”

Ok, this sounds great
So for the moment the only thing we can do is waiting as it seems
Thank you for your feedback

Yeah, she’s going to send me a mail, if they are ready with this feature. I will report it then here for you.

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I would be very interested in nginx config for the onlyoffice integration.


Hi Cris,

This is the relevant part:

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

##letsencrypt begin##
ssl_certificate path to fullchain.pem; #with letsencrypt
ssl_certificate_key path to privkey.pem; #with letsencrypt
ssl_session_timeout 120m;
ssl_protocols TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2;
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;


After you alter the ssl_ciphers statement, the integration with OnlyOffice via WebDav should work :slight_smile:

Kind regards


thx. will give it a try. I should probably first upgrade seafile. Still running 5.something. :frowning:

Hi guys

Offtopic, sorry… we are talking about a native integration in this thread here, means opening onlyoffice word, excel editor out of seafile by clicking on the file in seafile server. Like it works just now with collabora

What you are talking about is the usage of seafile documents via webdav in onlyoffice server. This is described in the following thread: Collaborative Office Suite OnlyOffice Works With Seafile

Cheers, Gino

Hi @korry,
I’ve tried Collabora Code and Seafile Pro 6.06 integration via Wopi protocol, but the result is not so efficient (Collabora Code is slow and not stable and the editing tools are quite limited). I tested OnlyOffice through FileRun and is seems to work better.
Can you explain me how tou integrated OnlyOffice to work with Seafile via WebDav ? I use Apache on Seafile.

I think that is quite straightforward.
The first is to enable webdav in Seafile following this instruction:

Then click the “Add Account” in the onlyoffice to mount the file system.
Note that it requires to run both the community server and document server.

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Exactly, this is how it works in my environment.

Hi gauburtin,
the integration of onlyoffice is more or less simple. Here is a video about the installation with nginx. Apache is described in the seafile manual.

Best regards

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