OnlyOffice opens documents readonly after upgrade to 6.2.2


after upgrade to 6.2.2 from 6.1.1 OnlyOffice opens documents only in read-only mode. Before the update usual filetypes (like docx) were opened in R/W-mode.

HenriWahl had the same problem as seen in this post:

Adding the parameter “ONLYOFFICE_EDIT_FILE_EXTENSION=(‘docx’,‘pptx’)” to the fixed it.

Maybe this should be default?

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You are right, as others asked for this as well.
But I won’t update the manual (since I wrote the initial OnlyOffice manual). We are working on a complete new version of the manual elsewere.

This is supposed to be done by the company who owns the software anyways. @daniel.pan

Yes, i think this should be done automatically in the upgrade-script if OnlyOffice is already activated in the old or somehow.

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