OnlyOffice say “Download failed” [reloaded]

Hi ! I just opened an issue in github: seafile and onlyoffice integration in K8s but I just realized that the problem symptoms are the same as this post: OnlyOffice say “Download failed”.

And that the problem is more global. Is there a way to specify a variable: INTERNAL_ONLYOFFICE_APIJS_URL and also INTERNAL_SEAFILE_URL (similar to next cloud) so that ONLYOFFICE integration is possible . for . a seafile server and a onlyoffice behind a reverse proxy which is usually the case in Kubernetes environment ?

For now I observe the same issue:

cat documentserver/converter/out.log
[2019-01-09 11:35:30.290] [ERROR] nodeJS - dnsLookup error: hostname =
Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN
    at Object.exports._errnoException (util.js:1020:11)
    at errnoException (dns.js:33:15)
    at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (dns.js:76:26)
[2019-01-09 11:35:30.291] [ERROR] nodeJS - checkIpFilter error:url=https://;code:401;(id=df516d1e278383c4beff)
Looks like onlyoffice server can’t resolve my seahub domain name?

ONLYSERVICE Service URL from outside world:
ONLYSERVICE Service URL from inside the kubernetes cluster: http://onlyoffice-documentserver

SEAFILE Service URL from outside world:
SEAFILE Service URL from inside the kubernetes cluster: http://http://seafile

The nginx ingress is a tls termination so inside the cluster it is plain http port 80.

For now I get a “Download failed” message and this is normal (cf. log above), is there a way to have this onlyoffice integration working behind nginx reverseproxy and seafile + onlyoffice in plain http ?

Note that TLS is still encrypting the traffic from the outside the world.

EDIT: I added in the onlyoffice pod container in /etc/hosts the address of the reverse proxy and it is working but this means that we should find a way to specify “INTERNAL_” URL and EXTERNAL service URL. So maybe this is a feature reqeust more than a bug ?

Thanks !