OnlyOffice section in Seafile manual is messed up

Please cleanup and extend the OnlyOffice related part in the Seafile Server manual.

The format is messed up and important information regarding autosave, jwt secret is messed up.

JWT can be enabled and the secret provided via docker env which does not require to manually edit various json files and is the better way to set this up.

Unfortunately it’s not possible anymore to contribute to the manual. Therefore please update this part soon.


The document is updated now.

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The secret token can be enabled by a docker ENV. Hence messing around manually with somewhat complicated JSON files is not required.

Please see

* **JWT_ENABLED** : Specifies the enabling the JSON Web Token validation by the ONLYOFFICE Document Server. Defaults to  `false` .
* **JWT_SECRET** : Defines the secret key to validate the JSON Web Token in the request to the ONLYOFFICE Document Server. Defaults to  `secret` .

Thank you for your hint, we will test it according to the OnlyOffice document, and then update our document.

Thanks for updating the manual quickly. It will surely save some braincells of admins trying to get only office work.

I am also not sure if the document auto safe option works properly. Can you please also verify this?