Open PDF from seadrive acces denied


Several of our users (including me) cant open pdf files with acrobat reader DC (version 2019) when using seadrive client.

Step to reproduce the issue:

  • Navigate to a shared with group folders
  • Open PDF file

Acrobat reader wont open the file and show the following message :

  • No access to this file.
    I have Read/Write access.

When i copy the file from seadrive to my desktop then open it normally it works fine but it requires one more step.

thanks in advance.


Can you post your seadrive.log? You can find the log files by right clicking the seadrive icon in the system notification area -> open log folder.


Hello. Thanks for your concern.
I didnt find any information on seadrive log regarding the pdf opening (no error at all) but i find a solution.

It seems Seadrive is not working well with the Acrobat reader protected mode activated by default in the new versions.
When i desactivated it, it works well.
Just go in options > Protection (enforced) and desactivate all protection.

I thinks this topic can be closed.


Disabling protected mode is not recommended. It makes it easier to exploit your computer when opening PDF files, because Adobe Reader won’t use a Sandbox.


That’s really nice. But our company fighting seadrive problem with PDF for almost 2 f***ing years and my patience is far away. PDF and EML files are endless story here …


SeaDrive is still far away from being production ready.

Version 1 has been released only 4 month ago.


Adobe describes security options for pdf reader here:
We’ve tested various combinations of protected mode, protected view and run in appcontainer. We found that as long as “Run in AppContainer” is not checked, files in SeaDrive can be accessed. As said in the documentation, AppContainer is just an extra security layer provided by the OS. Adobe provides sandbox with protected mode/view enabled.

I think AppContainer is somehow incompatible with Dokany technology, due to the isolation of resources.