Open Source Alternative?

I have been having problems installing Seafile on Archlinux as the compilation keeps falling over with an invalid gpg key. Before I get too tied up into Seadrive (which I really love!) is there an Open Source alternative?

I really don’t need the syncing that Seafile provides, but I really love Seadrive! I store my music and videos on my server, and from my Linux client I can open up VLC or Deadbeef and click “File -> Open”, select Seadrive, My Libraries, and Music or Videos. It really works well!

But I’m a bit concerned about its future with Linux, and I don’t do Windows.

I think this will make you happy: SeaDrive 2.0.2 is ready!

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According to the download site, it’s still in beta. And for Windows only.

Hi Mike,

sorry, my post was maybe a little to short.

Click on the link again! I will bring you to this statement by Jonathan, Seafile CTO: “We plan to make Linux version of SeaDrive open sourced in the future. We’ll announce when it’s ready.”

Doesn’t this make you happy?