Open Source Alternative?

I have been having problems installing Seafile on Archlinux as the compilation keeps falling over with an invalid gpg key. Before I get too tied up into Seadrive (which I really love!) is there an Open Source alternative?

I really don’t need the syncing that Seafile provides, but I really love Seadrive! I store my music and videos on my server, and from my Linux client I can open up VLC or Deadbeef and click “File -> Open”, select Seadrive, My Libraries, and Music or Videos. It really works well!

But I’m a bit concerned about its future with Linux, and I don’t do Windows.

I think this will make you happy: SeaDrive 2.0.2 is ready!

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According to the download site, it’s still in beta. And for Windows only.

Hi Mike,

sorry, my post was maybe a little to short.

Click on the link again! I will bring you to this statement by Jonathan, Seafile CTO: “We plan to make Linux version of SeaDrive open sourced in the future. We’ll announce when it’s ready.”

Doesn’t this make you happy?



Hi rdb,

Is there any news yet on when Seadrive will become open source?


Hi Mike,
sorry, this is a question above my pay grade.
@Jonathan: Can you comment?

We’ll release it this year.


Thank you! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this! I’m eager to see if I can get it running on a raspi.

It’s happened!
Thank you :slight_smile: