Option to switch synchronizing on / off

In my mind it would be really helpful to be able to switch off synchronizing. I do not need seadrive to automatically sync the whole huge library into a default folder on my system drive. I like seadrive for providing easy access via the drive in win explorer, but since it is not at all configurable, it comes with quite some annoyances (for me). Now I always have to delete the sync folder after I used seadrive, because otherwise my system drive will get full. Please consider an on/off switch for synchronizing - thanks :slight_smile:

What are you talking about? Seadrive doesn’t sync files or folders. It’s sync only File tree, list of files. And file content downloading only on request(after try to open it).

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Since I have seadrive installed, it keeps synchronizing my cloud library to my c-drive. I also have seafile installed, but that alone does not sync anything. The only way to stop the sync process is to end seadrive process via tray symbol, but then of course the drive letter for the library is gone. I did not find a way to tell seadrive to not sync, or to sync somewhere else than c:… I might very well do it wrong. All I wish to achieve is use the drive letter for the library and not have any sync.

You are talking in bad names. SeaDrive doesn’t syncing. It’s keep file tree from server upload new added files or edited and donwload files only when you try to copy&paste or open it but files are no on your disk! Seafile Client doing synchronization which keep 1:1 copy of your library on your disk. And SeaDrive cannot sync anything to your C: it have own lette (S: as default). Please read manual and re-learn naming cause I don’t know what you talking about.

Maybe @smallgreenblur talks about the seadrive cache?

Besten Dank @DerDanilo for helping to clear that. Yes, it’s the cache, it just got as big as the library itself, it basically was a mirror of the library. So then I guess I am looking for a way to set a maximum cache size and/or to set a cache directory which is not the default one…

@holantomas if you don’t understand my problem and cannot or do not want to help, why do you keep posting here…

I think that @holantomas only has good intentions, but is a bit annoyed by the majority of users in the forum who keep asking the same question over and over again instead of just searching the forum and reading the manual completely. (Long sentence in German style) :astonished:

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reading the manual completely

There is no manual for Seadrive AFAIK (apart from a single page on Seafile manual : https://www.seafile.com/en/help/drive_client/)

  1. Right click the Seadrive icon in your system tray.

  2. Go to the “advanced” tab

  3. Set Cache Size Limit to a smaller size (default is 10 GB)