Out of quota after relatively small upload


I’ve recently joined a group that uses Seafile and am attempting to add some files to our shared folder. However, after adding just a few pictures and journal articles (<40MB total), I am now being told that I am out of quota. I’ve searched the forum but can’t seem to find an answer as to why my quota is set so low or a way to increase my space so that I can actually use Seafile.

I’m sure there is a simple fix, but I’m very new. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

I get out of quota error trying to upload even one single file. And I set the quota to unlimited.

Is the library shared by others? If so its quota is determined by the owner.

Nope I logged my phone in in as owner.

Problem only happens with android app, I can upload using the web ui.

Same problem here with the v3.0.0 of the android app (from f-droid).
I have no defined quota on my seafile server, and it seems that the android app think the quota is 0.
Older version of the android app didn’t have the problem with the same server and same config.
No problem with web interface or seafile linux sync client.

Also getting this issue when I try to use auto folder backup. 3.0.0 alpha from f droid. Am trying to sync a 1.4gb backup file.