Password Manager with seafile sync


does anyone out there use an Password Manager which syncs its data via seafile?
I know i should use a password manager and if i would do this i’d love to have my passwords synced on all my devices - and i would prefer to do the hosting of this data on my own - maybe in seafile. Can anyone recomment a password manager with this features to me?

Thank you!


Hi Jonathan,

I’m using KeyPass ( which saves all passwords in a local file. Syncing this file using my local Seafile works perfectly across several machines using Windows and Linux.
The app itself is only offered for Windows but there are several ports for linux and (although I haven’t tried them) android/Mac OS/iPhone apps.
There are several addons (e.g. a plugin to read passwords you’ve saved in your browser, or another plugin which autofills information in your browser and many more I haven’t tried…)

So far, I’m quite happy with it. The manual update process is a bit tedious, automation would be nice - at least there is an automatic update check if you like.

If you find another manager which you like better, I’d like to know its advantages - maybe I want to switch as well. :slight_smile:

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For this purpose i switched to a selfhosted bitwarden, that fullfills my needs on all my platform including cli. for me current the best solution.

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or maybe just try KeepassXC for Linux/Mac/Windows and other Clients like KeepassDX for Android, I think there are certainly some for ios as well

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KeepassXC, definitely. It also doesn’t use .lock files as other Keepass-like apps do, so it’s more “cloud-compliant” then others. When saving the modified file, it merges the data that’s already in the existing file, even if modified by others in the meantime.

For android I use keepass2android, but I’ll give KeepassDX a try. iOS is well covered as well. From the KeepassXC FAQ page:

I use enpass with nextcloud to sync my passwords. It works across all mobile platforms and mac, Linux, Windows. You setup a sync connection within the app to many hosted cloud services as well as webdav. As I use webdav to sync to nextcloud then it should just work with seafile.