Permission denied on server. Please try to resync

I am using Seafile Client 6.1.4 for Mac. One library shows Permission denied on server. Please try to resync.
However, it looks like that the files are sync’ed.

When I right-clicked to the lib, chose Show Details, the status is: Error: you do not have permission to access this library. However, I do have Read-Write permission. I can read and write to the lib no problem.

Why did I get that Permission denied error then?

Have you tried running the seaf-fsck utility on that particular library? It sounds like it may be corrupt. You can find details on how to run it in the manual.

I got the same message error: “Permission denied on server. Please try to resync.”

I had the seafile server pro version 6.1.9 and one user told me that seafile stop working 2 weeks ago, so I did the upgrade yesterday to seafile server pro version 6.3.11

In the Seafile Client on Windows the folder shows a red sign meaning that it can not connect to the server.

I ran the seaf-fsck utility on all the libraries and there was no problem.

Any idea of what is wrong ??
Thank you for your help.

I have the same issue. In my case, I transferred ownership of a library and now get “permission denied on server”. When I transferred back to the original owner to attempt to fix the problem, I get the same error.