pfSense + HAProxy redirect to Seafile/SeaDrive

Hi All,

I am having some issues with the setup of my system when trying to use HAProxy to resolve DNS addresses to go to the server, originally I was having an issue with the it mentioning about an SSL mismatch which I resolved with strictly only using TLS 1.3 - but now I can’t get the folders to sync?

I am getting a message saying ‘SSL error’ when the folders are trying to sync, and I am really stuck here…

Literally any assistance on this, would be greatly appreciated!

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@daniel.pan @Jonathan Please can you help on this… I am losing it…

I can only presume that both HA and Nginx are trying to proxy, but I don’t know how to setup the HAProxy to do what Nginx is already doing (especially not through the pfSense UI)

Please note, WebUI is working fine, it is SeaDrive and the online file viewer that are having the issues by using this…

I am getting a mixture of http redirection issues and SSL Errors (assuming these are related)

I do not know much about pfSense. I will you can figure out the problem by your own.

Hi @daniel.pan

I have reverted back to my old router, and I’ve decided to switch to OPNSense with a Traefik/Nginx Proxy Manager VM - think I found the issue was that even though packets were being sent through HTTPS, it was being swapped to HTTP instead…

Thank you for your response though!

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