Photo Upload and Contacts Backup Options

Why from the iOS app when selecting a location to upload photos or the contacts can you only select a Library, why can we not select a folder inside of that library? We should be able to drill down inside the directory to place them where we want and not just at the root of a library.

For example I don’t want all my photos from my phone uploaded to my pictures library I want them uploaded to a folder labeled “Phone Uploads” inside of my Pictures library.



We don’t have a plan to implement the feature of selecting a sub-folder to store the photos. In my option, this will introduce extra complexity to the interface and to the non-tech users.

Until there is a change, you could change the workflow by creating a library named ‘Phone Uploads’ and move the images using Seahub when you want to work with them.
Another workaround could be to use a different account on the iPhone and share the subfolder with it. It should appear as library.

(I know both aren’t nice solutions)