Please explain image inserting into md file

I insert library image in markdown doc, tomorow the image is not visible. The link changes

I upload from local to insert and then if I share the doc publicly they don’t have permission to see the image, and there is no image in file.

How do I do this, is this just me?

This bug will be fixed in the next release.

Brooooooooo :slight_smile: I will hug you hahaha I thought I was going crazy. Where do you publish news of releases, is it here? This seems to be the main place.

Upload image in folder, share folder. Copy link to image in shared folder. Insert in MD file as external image.

So it’s fixed, but there is a new weird problem :slight_smile:

When I share a link for the document directly you can see the attached images on the document.

When I share a public folder and then click on the document, images aren’t visible on the document.

Guess what, u can actually insert that worked link to the md file, though it seems Emma… weird still. However, it works for me.

that’s what I used to do but tomorrow the link would change and the photo would dissapear, I have not tried since with the new version.