Postgresql support in Seafile pro?

Hi there,

are there any concrete plans to integrate postgresql support into the pro edition?
(I see that there is some postgresql support in the community edition)

If not, what would be necessary, to set such an plan in motion?


Hi Hanspeter,

We currently don’t have plan to support Postgresql in Pro. Actually we don’t have enough time to fully maintain the support for CE (upgrade scripts are not updated in time). For production environment we suggest to use MySQL, which is better tested. I don’t mean that Postgresql is worse than MySQL. It’s just that we have limited resource. In the future we’d like to let the community to maintain upgrade script for Postgresql.

Aside of providing proper upgrade scripts what else would be a show stopper currently?

@daniel.pan mentioned via email a couple of days ago that the Pro edition supports PostgreSQL.
Thanks to @caniwi and his forum posts I was able to get it up and running - nearly.

From what I can tell the only component which doesn´t support the pgsql database type is seafevents?
ccnet, seafile and seahub have support for it (like in the CE) unless you use the seafile-pro-server_*_x86-64_Ubuntu.tar.gz tarball which seems to lack support of pgsql in general - at least this is the case for 6.0.8 so I´ve used the common tarball.

At the moment I ran 6.0.8 Pro with a mix of PostgreSQL (ccnet, seafile and seahub) and SQLite (seafevents), not ideal but it works.

Hi ya,
We have only been using the community edition, so I can not help you there. Should not be too difficult to create the seafevents and translate the mysql to pgsql.