PPA Updated - Ubuntu

Since there have been a lot of requests for the PPA to be updated, I just wanted to inform everyone who has asked, that the Seafile PPA repositories for Ubuntu have been updated with version 6.1.8 of the Linux GUI client. I’m not certain about repositories for other Distros. Additionally, I have not yet checked for the Seafile CLI.


Thanks for posting it here! All version of ubuntu except 18.04 has been updated. The problem with 18.04 is that we had a fix for it which is already pushed to github, but launchpad has a problem syncing with github. See here for more details if you are concerned. Once that is fixed by launchpad , users with ubuntu 18.04 would be able to install seafile client from the PPA.


Thanks for the additional info. I use Windows and Linux, varying flavors, but have not yet used 18.04. I know there are several issues with 18.04 since it is so new. What other flavors of Linux have also been updated?

When will Debian be updated?

We’ll update it soon.

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Debian repo for seafile client should be updated now.


Can’t find it. Have you already compiled it for i686?

Thanks a lot for updating the amd64 Repo, but I hope you’ll also compile it for i686.

Yeah, there was a problem with the 32bits build, and I’m afraid it’ll take some time to fix it.

Just curious, any particular reason for you to still use 32bit version OS in 2018?

I’m also trying to compile for 32bit, at the moment I have a problem with the qt5Linguisttools for seafile-gui.

My old Laptop does only Support 32bit. My new one runs Arch, there is someone who makes the versions for yaourt very fast, so the client for Arch is always up to date. But of course, the old one doesn’t support new Arch versions. And Gentoo autocompiling is too slow. So I use Debian on it, like on my servers. Since Intel ME, this my “safe” backup, and when Spectre and Meldown came out, I had a “safe” Laptop, where none of the Exploits really works. So if there are scandals in tomorrow, I’m always prepared.

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What does it have to do with meltdown and Spectre? 32 bit systems are also affected, but don’t get patches at all or at least way slower.

Because my 32bit-Computer doesn’t make Out-of-order execution. Of course some systems are afefcted, even older but not mine.

Yes, but there are quite some new/other security mechanisms that are not enabled on 32 bit systems (e.g. aslr doesn’t work really well on 32 bit systems).

I don’t think that the old system has any advantage from a security point a view.

Yes, of course, but it’s my backup Laptop and on my Point, it’s more against what Intel/NSA can do with the ME. And to buy a second one is not good for the enviroment, why should I buy a new backup Laptop. At least, it’s not important for this thread and when they say, they won’t compile for i686, I’ll accept that. I also try to compile it myself. In my Opinion many poor people are still happy when they get a used Laptop. And l think SeaFile is program what could used perfectly in something like the S-NET in Havanna.