Private Seafile page "Connection is not fully secure" with https enabled


Today I’ve upgraded my Seafile CE version 7.0.5 to 7.1.3. After the upgrade was done I noticed that whenever I was logged into the web interface, my browser would warn me by saying my “Connection is not fully secure”
My server is configured behind an Apache reverse proxy with a LetsEncrypt certificate.
I haven’t change anything in the Apache config files during the upgrade. Also, I do not receive this error when on the login page, only after logging in.

I tested this in Firefox and Microsoft Edge (Chromium), both browsers give the same warning.
If needed I can post the Apache/Seafile config, just let me know.

Any help would be appreciated!


empty the cache of your browser, reload the web page, otherwise change your avatar, that solved the problem on my side,

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately that didn’t help. The problem also occurs in a private Firefox session and on another pc, so I don’t think the browser is the problem in this case.


The FILE_SERVER_ROOT and SERVICE_URL are set with https:

I just noticed that when logged in with the admin user I do not get any security warning, while I do when I login with my own user.

I’ve read that sometimes the avatar cache can cause problems so I changed my profile picture and now the warning is gone for my user too.

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