Pro Cloud Host?

Does Seafile have any partners (aside from Gmbh) that provides Seafile Ltd. supported Pro cloud hosting? I’d like to use Collabora Online with Seafile but I don’t want to maintain my own server(s). Consumer, not business.

We’ve been hosting Seafile since mid 2014 and can provide you a shared-hosting or managed hosting solution hosted in Germany. Everything based on Seafile Pro of course.

Please contact me directly under: or just take a look at the pricing plan here, since you are a consumer:

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Thanks, I will probably sign up in the near future with a small account just so I can get access to Seafile 6 Pro.

I have to say though, in my opinion your prices are high. 49 euros a month for 500 GB is 10 times what Seafile Gmbh charges, and significantly higher than Dropbox, Sync, Koofr, Drive, etc. I understand there it’s a difference of offering (German data privacy), but I can get Nextcloud on HostISO for 10 eur a month, which has arguably the same level of privacy, sans encryption.

If it works for you all the success to you, but it’s out of my price range to use as my main cloud provider.

I can understand your point. But we never wanted to have customers who just need a cheap cloud solution and don’t really care about data. If someone is registering in our systems he has the ability to contact a personal support via phone or mail. We respond within 24 hours to you and your data is replicated about three hard drives to ensure data safety.

Our goal is not to gain much customers with low prices which may result in insolvency. We want to offer a product which the customer gets something for this money, has a safe storage for his data and can be sure that our company is running still in next years.

Everything cheap or free has another price. - If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. That’s our opinion. And at least, since we offer the Seafile pro edition, we have to pay for every user a amount to Seafile Ltd. and only by this it can be ensured that the developers are working for Seafile in the future and we can offer a great product to our customers.


My personal suggestion is to use a cheap cloud backup company for backups or something like where you have a lot of data and encrypt this data before uploading.

If you share and work on important documents, you want to get sure they are really safe. And safe is not just the encryption, it’s the place where it’s stored and how the provider gets sure that your data won’t be lost. And this is, where we can provide you the perfect solution.

500 GB for 5 or 10 euros can not work. Just think about the support, the development, the server hosting, marketing, taxes, and so on. We could never and we will never offer this to our customers.

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that’s a good point. Thanks.

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