Pro edition pricing

We are using the Pro edition on the small business offer (up to 9 users).

We very impressed so far with Seafile. However, our userbase is expanding, and it seems the pricing jumps a bit too suddenly from 9 users ($100) to 10 users ($480).

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the first 9 users to cost $100 and then, for example, each additional user (up to 249 users) cost $48?

E.g. for 12 users, cost = $100 + $48 * 3 = $244.


$100 for 9 users is a special offer for small business. For companies with more than 9 users, we can’t offer this special price.

Yes, I understand that it’s only for 9 users. But I think you are missing my point - the jump from 9 users to 10 users is too steep.

At 9 users, you pay $11.11 per user. From 11 users plus, you are paying $48 per user. But for the 10th user, you are paying $380 just for this one user.

Do you not understand how this is a problem? Currently I have 7 users on the $100 license, but this is enough of a reason for me to decide to leave Seafile. Paying $380 just for the 10th user does not make any sense.

Nobody is missing a point here. This is just how volume pricing works.

Agreed, usually it works the other ways round: more users, cheaper prices, e.g.

  • 249 users, $48 per user => $11’952
  • 250 users, $44 per user => $11’000

thus the costs for user 250 are actually MINUS $952

but of course, here nobody complains .)

my advice, live with it, seafile is really NOT expensive.


At least in my experience of volume licensing (been authorising purchases of enterprise software for nearly 10 years), that’s not how it works :wink:

Usually, either there is a fixed cap and price structure (e.g. up to 1,000 users - $5,000; more than 1,000 users, $10,000), which is extremely unfair and only usually from companies like Oracle living in the 1980s. Or there is a step-up pricing model (e.g. first 1,000 users - $5 per user; next 9,000 users - $3 per user) which is the most common and the fairest.

It’s not about the cost - yes, Seafile is very cheap, but it’s about the principle. It makes Seafile seem quite unprofessional (along with other factors like poor language translations).

Atlassian actually does the same. It’s more like a special offer for setups with up to 9 users.