Pro upgrade questions

Hello, I have been looking into the pro upgrading process wanted to ask some questions before proceeding.

What are the differences in pro upgrading procedures vs community edition?
Are the update scripts supplied in the pro version different compared to community edition?
If so, is they’re a public repo to download these scripts?

Best regards,

The upgrade of pro edition is the same as the upgrade of community edition. The same scripts are used.

Hey daniel, Thanks for the reply.

So I am wondering, after the initial setup of pro, is anything else needed between the pro versions? I noticed they’re is a pro directory. Is this the main difference between pro vs community? Is the pro directory even required after upgrading to pro version?

There are a few different between the pro and community edition. Do you migrate an existing community edition to pro edition?

Not yet, I am considering trying the pro version. Currently, I am using the github repos and on the -pro branch releases, however the repo doesn’t contain the pro directory, this is why I’m ask these questions. Is the only way to upgrade to pro from the download link -