Problem uploading file in webui with 7.0.2 CE


Since I upgrade from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 the web upload give me an error in the libraries page : {“error”: "Internal error. "} !
My configuration with nginx, reverse proxy and ssl was not changed since 7.0.1…

Here is the log :

[06/15/2019 03:18:28 PM] …/common/seaf-db.c(425): Error prepare statement SELECT tmp_file_path FROM WebUploadTempFiles WHERE repo_id = ? AND file_path = ?: sqlite3_prepare_v2 failed: no such table: WebUploadTempFiles.
[06/15/2019 03:18:28 PM] upload-file.c(1127): Failed to get upload temp file path from db.


Hi all,

same problem here … seafile server CE 7.03 on debian stretch, with nginx and reverse proxy.

I see the same log entries in seafile.log

I experience the same error when trying to upload files or folders in the web-interface. I cannot tell the version the error occured the first time because it’s some time ago i used the web-interface the last time. Clients work fine.

Uploads via shared upload links also work fine.

Does it help to tell that i checked seafile.db for anything named WebUploadTempFiles and found nothing (Maybe i did check the wrong database).

Greetings and Thanks!

ps: allow me to add an entry that i found in seahub.log:

2019-07-21 12:57:56,182 [ERROR] seahub.api2.endpoints.repo_file_uploaded_bytes:52 get Failed to get upload temp file path from db.

thanks again!

I found a solution. I don’t know why that happens…

Connect to the database with mysql client or PHP MyAdmin - or whatever… Then create table. After Uploading a file, there is no dataset… But it work for me! Currently I use Seafile 7.0.3!

USE seafile-db;
create table WebUploadTempFiles
	id bigint auto_increment,
	repo_id char(40) null,
	file_path TEXT null,
	tmp_file_path TEXT null,
	constraint WebUploadTempFiles_pk
		primary key (id)

Sincerly, Toni

Hi Toni,

thank you very much and sorry for answering so late - I have to give my family the impression that I’m not sitting at any computer during our holiday :wink:

I can confirm the solution to be working flawlessly.

I upgraded to 7.0.4 afterwards and the upload is still working.

so … thanks and Danke again!

I have the same problem but use sqite3. Can you please give me the equivalent command for sqlite3. I’m not familiar with sqlite3 and don’t want to do any mistakes.

Thanks a lot"