Problem When I try Generate up-link Seafile version 10.0.1

Hello everybody !

I have the following problem.

a. When I try generate a up-link with password or days expirations I get a message flota that says: “Error”
b. This is work fine when I generath wihthout password or days exp.

Please, What can I do ? Any idea about this situattion ?

Thanks for you any tips about this.

Seafile version 10.0.1 and Debian 12

Here the solution:

In my case, I did it this:

  1. Delete the “EXTERNALLY-MANAGED” File
    rm /usr/lib/python3.11/EXTERNALLY-MANAGED
  2. pip3 install pycryptodom
  3. Restart Seafile and then seahub

Now I work fine for me!!

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