Problem with SeaDrive root folders, i need the old structure

Back in 0.8.6 the root folders were the Libraries that you could see, which was great, all the software that uses non relative paths would work no issue.

Since the introduction of “My libraries”, “Shared with groups”, all our assets are now broken.

I’ve been holding off upgrading as I don’t have time to change 3000 assets but I’ve just recently discovered a machine has been corrupted for many months and not syncing, I’ve had to upgrade that machine.

Now I need to spend many days getting all the assets converted over… but… there’s one problem.

I own the libraries, my staff do not, even if I have all the assets converted over, the paths will work for them but not me. This means I would have to have a dummy user just to have ownership of the libraries to make sure I have the exact same path as them.

Why can’t we choose what our root structure looks like? Why are we forced to have these additional parent folders?

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That’s what you sign up for when you use beta software.

If you can’t move to the new structure, you can use symbolic links and junctions (I prefer junctions). There might be ways to mount a directory on the seafile file system as a separate drive.

The problem here is that seafile is closed source, so nobody will build a version for you with those paths changed. To @daniel.pan, @Jonathan or anyone on the team. Will seadrive ever be open source?

I might have found a solution. Enter the command prompt and type subst.exe U: 'S:\My Libraries', where S is the drive letter for the current drive generated by seadrive, and U is the letter you want to use to access the old layout. To unmount enter subst.exe U: /d.

This however won’t merge your libraries with the ones shared to you. For that you’ll need a more complex setup.

Did you find a solution for this?

This is true but I’m giving my feedback on an issue that makes it harder for me to use the software.

I don’t have a solution except for putting in the man hours to relink my assets.

Did you try to use the solution I posted?

Using subst works but you loose the Explorer integration (sync status badges + context menu links).

Plus I did not find an equivalent workaround for macOS and Linux.

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sorry for digging up the post.

when the version with the new directory structure appeared, it was discussed possibility to enable or disable the new structure. I’ve been too busy to pay much more attention so I’d stick with 0.8.6 seadrive till now.
that structure will bug my users because some libraries in “shared with all”, some in “shared with groups”, will make them think it’s a maze.
I had hope this would emerge with time (at least in the pro version, which I’m a user).
but no. unfortunately. Probably too much of work.

is there still some hope in a decent near time ?
or no ? the later one would be sad for me as I’d be unfortunately forced to move out from Seafile, if I cant stay up to date…

thanks a lot for reading this, hope to read your answers

Here is github issue about returning old structure, let’s vote!