Problem with Seafile Client for Mac

I tried to install the Seafile Client for Mac on 3 different Mac, with different versions of Mac OSX (Ventura 13.5.2, Monterey 12.6.9 and Catalina 10.15.7), but the result is always the same: when I install the sofware (seafile-client-9.0.4.dmg), everything goes fine, but after choosing the destination file, the program stops and a message says that “Seafile quit unexpectedly” (in french : “Seafile a quitté de manière inattendue”).
Can you help me ?


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Which version of the client software are you running?

Have any of the Macs run Seafile sync client previously?

The software version is 9.0.4. And it was a new install on the 2 older Mac (Monterey and Catalina). On the recent one, it was a second install, but I deleted the older Seafile preference files before installing the 9.0.4.

I have not seen particular problems with any of the versions of macOS you mention, and I have seen the problem where Seafile client crashes (“folds-up”, so to speak) while selecting the location of the Seafile folder initially, but it usually comes back on the second attempt.

I would certainly try again but this time completely uninstall Seafile using something like AppDelete.

Rename the existing Seafile folder if it exists (probably not in your case) to something like Seafile_bak and reinstall the client software.

One other thing, you might want to do a system cleanup to be on the safe side. Try a program called OnyX, for example. Run OnyX in Maintenance mode before you run the Seafile installer and reboot.

I cannot explain how it is possible to fail in three different instances. Certainly Seafile should work. Are the three systems in question all “clean” or are they running some special software or configuration that is specific to your application or environment? Do you think running Disk Utility on the boot volume is required?

Lastly, can you provide Crash logs or Seafile logs for Development to look at if you experience further trouble?