Problems in the Android client ... cache and problems at will!

Here we are again. Today the problem lies in the android client. In reality, these problems have been present for more than a year and no one ever seems to have noticed the problem! As I said somewhere here on the forum the big seafile problem is that it uses a lot of cache … but really a lot … and not even the smartphone application is “immune”. In fact if you try to make a uopload of many files, or in any case large data, not only will the application be blocked but also the ROM memory of the smartphone! In fact, the day I tried I had to transfer more than 9GB of data. Soon after, I found myself with the memory (ROM I mean) full to the brim! In fact from that moment I don’t use the application anymore … it’s too destructive! Another problem (which perhaps has some ridicule) and that the lock of the screen for too many attempts (the protection with dragging), serves practically nothing as if it stops for too many attempts just press the back button (of the smartphone) and the screen appears again where it is possible to retry with the dragging. I remember that at the time I also tried to send an email and wrote the problem also in a comment on the play store (where I downloaded the application) but it didn’t help and I received no answer!