Proxy Roaming between Home & Office

At home I’m directly connected to my server but at office, we need to use a proxy (either hardcoded or pac file). Many times, when I come to office, I find Seafile (client on PC/Linux) unable to sync.
It seems Seafile client does not detect that we changed network and hence need to use a proxy now. Even if I put a Proxy Pac link or a direct proxy link at home, it still does not work. It does not refresh or check for the PAC or proxy server periodically I assume, or subscribe to a “network change” notification to refresh its Proxy configuration.
This forces me to quit Seafile and then restart, then it checks for the Pac and resumes working.

Is this a bug or missing feature?

Hi Fast,

How come you’re using a Proxy instead of port 80/443 forwarded from your router (and if you have a domain, with a DDNS setup)?

(Curiosity question)