Pull requests for Pro version? (MySQL SSL support)

How would I go about to submit a pull request for the Pro version?

I’ve patched all relevant files to enable MySQL SSL support, but since parts of the Pro versions is not on GitHub, I cannot do this anywhere.

I’ve used this for some while now, and can confirm that all aspects (thus far) is working. I’ve yet to do an upgrade or similar, and there might be places that still needs updating.

I have yet to “properly” patch setup-seafile-mysql.py, so that it asks for path to CA (and thus enable SSL). For now I’ve just manually set it in all the relevant places.

Also see https ://github.com/haiwen/seafile/issues/2254

@daniel.pan, could you maybe shed some light on this?

I have read the patch. I’m afraid we don’t have a plan to support MySQL SSL yet.

Any particular reason as to why? The functionality is already there, the patch merely fixes the lack of configuration attributes to enable it.