Question: User Access Levels

Hello, I’m researching different data storage software, and had a couple of questions. Is it possible to have users with different access levels? As in, have only a few select users able to upload/edit, and then have other users be read only? And would it still be full price for the read only users?

Hi Peter,
welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!
In SeaTable, you can share libraries, folders and files with other Seafile users (via a share) as well as with other people which do not have a registered user account (via a public link).

The share can be (in descending order of rights)

  • admin
  • read-write
  • online read-write (like read-write, but you cannot download data from the server)
  • read-only
  • online read-only (like read-only, but you cannot download data from the server)

Public links can be

  • preview-only
  • preview and download
  • preview, download and edit (for MS Office files only)

A user is a every person with a registered account, no matter the kind of access rights he/she has on particular libraries/folders/files. Guests, which is a limited user role, also count as users.

When you use public links to share data, the recipients do NOT need usre account. Hence, they do not count as users.

Let me know if this info satisfies your needs.

Btw: You find a Seafile Professional trial system at Just provide your email address (required as login name) and you can test Seafile Professional with up to 7 users for 7 days.