Questions concerning custom.css


I tried to change the seafile layout. I want to change the main color from orange to green. I did this successfully for links and the navbar but there are some element, that are always orange, for example sub menus. The background color for “rename” or “transfer” should be green.

What have I insert in the /seahub-data/custom/custom.css to change the sub menu color? If that is not possible, what is the hex code for the orange main color? With that information I could change all colors by myself.

An other question: I will change the icon color to green. I have png files wiht the right color. Is it enough to copy the files (egg. folder-24.png) to seahub-data/custom/icons to change from orginal icons to my own?

OK, changed the orange elements to green. But I found no way to change the icons (e. g. folder icon). I can change the png files in the original folder but I have to do that after every update.

Is it possible to change the icons (folder.192.png, …) via the custom folder?