Quota and File count wrong

I have a Library that shows 3 files and 10.9GB in system administration. But if I view the library there are only two files with 3.6GB each.
Running FSCK and GC does not change anything. Versions are disabled and the trash is empty. Versions where enabled and the trash was filled with many many more files befor we cleaned up everything. But the 3 files and the oversized quota remained after cleanup.


Any Ideas how to fix this?

Is there anything in the trash?
Is file history enabled and there is an old version?

As you can see in the screenshot above, and as I wrote, nothing in trash, no versions enabled. I did run a GC after emptying trash and disabling versions. It did remove a large amount of diskspace, but did not reduce the used space inside the library.

You can try to do some update to the library. Then the size and file count will be re-calculated. Sometime the calculation is wrong or interrupted due to some issues.