Rclone docker plugin as replacement for seafuse

Hello everyone!
I’ve finally managed to move my Sqlite based seafile running directly on ubuntu to a docker-based seafile including mariadb in docker too.
I was using seafuse to share my media stored in seafile with a jellyfin server running on the same host.
Sadly, I realized that seafuse can only be started manually within docker, so I was looking for another solution and I found one, so I would like to share it with you.

Rclone supports seafile and it is rather easy to mount a webdav folder either directly in the host file system or add it as a docker volume.
You need to install rclone and the docker plugin and add some config to the docker compose file of your application where you want to use the seafile data.
E.g. see here:
Up and running since several days and no need to run seafuse at all :slight_smile:

Interesting! Does the rclone plus docker plugin access the files directly from Seafile? Or does it make a copy of all files out of Seafile into another location. And does this work with encrypted libraries as well?

It accesses Seafile directly, via Webdav protocol. So it is also not limited to read-only access (compared to seaf-fuse). And no need to perform a copy of the files.
According to the rclone manual it should work with encrypted libraries too, but I haven’t tested that yet.

P.S. If there is interest for this, I can write a short tutorial that can be added to the seafile manual.


Just a small note for anyone that might want to try this:

This is excellent for media files that are mostly going to be read by the server, not written to that much. Seafile has top tier conflict resolution and delta sync implemented on the clients, using rclone might not be a great idea if you have a bunch of small files that change often or could be changed by the server and other users at the same time.

That is true!
I use it mainly to access my media files, that I accessed with seafuse in the past.
But at least I can also update the mp3-tags now as we have write access as well.
Unlikely that other users would interfere here :slight_smile:

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