Re-installing Seafile server

It seems that the Seafile server on Windows needs to be re-installed after Windows updates on the server etc. That’s fine, but even though I already have a seafile-server folder with all my data, Seafile wants to create a new one after the install.

How do I transfer the data from the libraries to the new Seafile? I tried copying the files and that doesn’t work. I need these libraries!

seafile-data\storage is what I am talking about. How can I get the data to show up?

You have to migrate database and whole seafile-data folder.

One reason not to use Windows for server apps.

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Using Windows as server is like riding bicycle without clothes and arms in cactus field.

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lol :joy: what a painful scene, lol

To the windows haters just keep moving along. Windows runs the world. I have ran managed and maintained Linux servers for many years. They SUCK and are more complicated than need to be. I spent way too many hours in front of command prompts. Linux isn’t secure as many are led to believe.

I am running Windows Server 2016 and much prefer it thank you. I love Hyper-V and my Seafile server is on Hyper-V.

How do you migrate the seafile database?

I copied the entire seafile folder and that didn’t work.

You have to migrate SQL database (MySQL, SQLite) best way is make SQL dump. There are three databases for ccnet, seahub and seafile.

Run what you want I have experience with Win servers, and everytime is there some problem … Security, stability. Have alot Linux servers without problems, restarting after update. Best thing is Windows update which force restart without warning and only solution is kill Windows update service. 2 win servers hacked by system bug. Only one Linux server hacked by low root password(customers IT guy is idiot). One Linux server have 4 years run time with actual kernel and security updates. Everytime I’m saying … Use what you want but don’t want on me to use it and don’t come with problems to me.

OK, thank you. I will attempt to dump and add the info back to the MYSQL database. Now that I know it’s all database related I can handle it.

Don’t hate on Windows. Server 2016 is rock-solid. Never have to restart it and you can schedule your updates and restarts (WSUS is a great tool). Active Directory with a TLS cert is awesome for security too. If you know what you’re doing, Windows is much faster and easier to manage. It also has a lot more features than a plain Linux box. To emulate Windows functions on Windows is painstaking that takes hours and hours of useless coding in front of a command prompt. If that’s what you like to do then great. I like to relax with a beer at the end of the day. Linux also has security holes you can drive a truck through. So unless you know what you’re doing, you can easily get your Linux server compromised. I have software that can break SHA hash codes in 15 minutes.