Real-time backup: libcurl cannot fetch repo-list


I configured the real-time backup as described here:

however, when I restart seafile on the backup server, no repositories are synced, I only see in seafile.log:
http-tx-mgr.c(514): libcurl failed to GET https://[backupserver]/seafhttp/server-sync/repo-list: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?).

I have valid certificates installed on both the seafile server and the backup server. The webfrontend of both the server and the backup server work without problems.

When I check the URL that libcurl tries to access manually, I only get an empty page (no error message). On the seafile server I do not see anything, except an entry in the access.log of apache.

Any ideas?



when I try manually with curl to access the repo-list I get (in the apache access.log)
[seafileserver]:443 - - [27/Mar/2017:16:10:54 +0200] “GET /seafhttp/server-sync/repo-list HTTP/1.1” 400 3386 “-” “curl/7.38.0”

i.e. a “Bad Request”.


I think you’re running Debian? The same procedure as in connecting to S3 with https should solve your problem:

I see. Interesting :slight_smile:

if I understand correctly, I have to do that on the real-time backup server, right?
or is it advisable to do this on all seafile servers?


I did the suggested modification on all servers. Real-time backup is now working. Many thanks,

Yes I think you have to do that on both servers, since they communicate bi-directionally.