Real-time backup server: best way to monitor the status

Hi everybody,

this is probably more a question to the seafile experts using a real-time-backup server.
I want to add the real-time backup server to a monitoring tool like zabbix or nagios. How do you monitor the real-time-backup server?

# ./ status
Total number of libraries: xxx
Number of synchronized libraries: xxx
Number of libraries waiting for sync: xxx
Number of libraries syncing: xxx
Number of libraries failed to sync: xxx

List of syncing libraries:

List of libraries failed to sync:

Do you use the ./ status? What do you validate?

  • $? == 0 ?
  • Number of libraries failed to sync > 0?

Or do you simply check that the seafile process is running?
I am looking forward to your feedback.

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Hi @christophdb

Currently the exit status of script doesn’t reflect the completeness of the backup. It’s better to write a small wrapper script to parse the output of this command. Monitoring the status of Seafile service is also a good addition.

Has anyone written such a script?

If so, would you mind sharing? Would like to implement here potentially.

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