Recovery files from previous container

I’m probably not the only who might have done this. I had to restore my Synology NAS. I had figured I could just back up all of my docker folders, seafile being one of them, and just restore the docker folder once I get everything back up and install seafile as a docker again…well no, apparently you cant. Or at least I must have done it wrong. Anyway, long story short, I still have the “storage” folder from the directory. As many of you may know, the files are encrypted. Is it possible to decrypt or import the files into a new account? Thanks.

This sounds like you possibly didn’t back up the database.
What exactly is in “your docker folders”? Which directories did you mount?

Either way, if you still have the libraries (the “storage” folder), you might be able to rebuild it with the FSCK tool (Seafile FSCK - seafile-manual).

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Thanks for the response. Ill take a look at this.