Remove encryption

Someone knows if is possible to configure seafile server without encryption? I’d like to view file from server locally without ecryption beacause i’d like to use seafile as google drive folder.
Ex. a user upload an image.jpg file from his web interface and I reach the image.jpg in seafile folder locally.
Actually I can’t see file uploaded bacuse in the folder on the server there are many subfolders splitted in many other files unreadable.

Thanks a lot

You can disable the encryption in the Admin panel of the WebUI.

The files are not encrypted and you cannot disable the internal block based data format.

Thankyou but I didn’t find the option to disable encryption. Coul you send me a screenshot?

what does it mean? the files are encrypted or not? the internal block is changable or not?

What you mentioned isn’t caused by the encryption, it’s the cause why Seafile is fast and lightweight.

Of course it isn’t. If you wan’t to acces the files, you have to use SeaFUSE, SeaDrive or the API.

I try to explain my pain. If for some reason the seafile server service goes down (it happens 3 times in a month beacuse I’m using a “win10” pc as server" and I 'm not able to reload it for some windows services problem I need to re.install seafile loosing my data.

Use docker. Here are sugegstions for Containers and why the official one is weak. All data is saved in the seafile-data folder if you backup this folder and you database, no data will be lost. Backup suggestions are available in the Community Manual and the official manual.

If I understand this correctly you are using the word “encryption” to describe the internal block format seafile uses to store libraries on the server. Is this correct? Give this issue a read

Thank u fakuivan. you are right! I’m using encryption but probably I don’t know the real wirking of sf. How can I do to use FUSE on Windows? is it an application?

FUSE (Filesystem In userspace) is an interface that allows users to mount “simulated” filesystems, in Linux it takes the form of a kernel module. I don’t think you can use seaf-fuse on Windows without some programming knowledge. You can thought run seafile server on docker and use seadrive on that machine to access the data on the server. Believe me when I say that’s better than having to deal with the hacktoberfest associated with getting seaf-fuse to work with dokany or winfsp.