Remove New Library button for non-admins


we would like to use our Seafile strictly as a collaboration tool on existing libraries, and would like to only allow admins to be able to create libraries.

Is there a way to do this systematically / through settings? I did not find anything.

What would be the way forward here, is it possible to modify the css of the web frontend and just hide the button? (that would be enough)

It would also be cool to be able to choose the default section you get when you enter the web ui. Now it is always My Libraries. For organizations, it would make more sense to open All groups, or Shared with me (actually from my point of view it would be great if there is one page where I can see My/Shared with groups/Shared with me:) – just an idea.

Seafile PE supports roles. One role permission is can_add_repo. This is the intended way of doing it. It’s also update-safe. But it requires a paid license.

Yes, this is possible too.

Thanks for the reply. We were using the Pro version till about two weeks ago, but, money ran out, some people will continue to work on voluntary basis, but we had to cut costs on software and servers as well. Life of a non-profit.

Anyway, so I found the Custom CSS section in Settings, and used this to hide the first button on the top panel:

/* Uncheck the "Use custom CSS if you want to create new library or import users */
.operation > button:nth-child(1) {
  display: none;

Problem is that this way the button is gone both in the home page, but also in the System admin → Libraries. It is exactly the same button and I wasn’t able to write a selector that would only affect the one on the home page. It also affects some other sections of the System admin, like Import users.

So, that’s how it is, I instructed the admins to:

  1. click your profile picture in top right corner → System admin
  2. go to Settings, and un-check the “Use custom CSS” checkbox
  3. reload the page
  4. go to Libraries, create the library you need
  5. go back to Settings, and check the “Use custom CSS” checkbox
  6. reload the page and check that the button is not there anymore