Remove version number


Remove version number on the web gui in the bottom right (security reasons).
This was discussed on the old forum.

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But maybe it would make sense to still publish version number of server after a user is logged in in order to be able to determine, which features this server offers.

So I raise my point from the old forum here:

What is your attack vector you are trying to protect against? The only one I can think of is a script kiddie with an exloit tailored for a specific seafile version who actually checks for the seafile version before trying the exploit.

Yeah, is just for script kiddies.
it’s just one less reason to be hacked …

Customize footer and other Seahub Pages

Note: Since version 2.1.
Create a folder templates under /seahub-data/custom
Customize footer

Copy seahub/seahub/templates/footer.html to seahub-data/custom/templates.
Modify footer.html.

Actually in version 6.0, the version number has already been removed in the newly designed interface.


Thanks to Fabian and Daniel for answers.
I’m waiting you squash last bugs to update server to 6.x

I just upgraded to v. 6.0.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and don’t see a footer at at all on the login screen. Does the interface of v.6 include a footer now? -Thanks

Same here. I think, this is the normal behaviour with v6 now. It’s ok for me. You’ll get the information about where to download the client software after a user is logged in.

Does the online manual need to be revised? I tried to enable a footer using the customization procedure outlined there but nothing appears. Are footers no longer supported on the login page?