Removing FS objects doesn't work with v. 9.0.2

Hello every one!

First of all: I really love seafile. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

I have a similar problem as @Tali described here : A huge storage/fs directory for a library used via webDAV. The data size is about 1 GB while the FS directory counts 30 GB.

So I tried to reduce size. Like @daniel.pan suggested by running: --rm-fs. This is the error message I get:

xxx@yyy:~$ /zzz/seafile-server-latest/ --rm-fs

Starting seafserv-gc, please wait ...
/zzz/seafile-server-9.0.2/seafile/bin/seafserv-gc: unrecognized option '--rm-fs'
usage: seafserv-gc [-c config_dir] [-d seafile_dir] [repo_id_1 [repo_id_2 ...]]
Additional options:
-r, --rm-deleted: remove garbaged repos
-D, --dry-run: report blocks that can be remove, but not remove them
-V, --verbose: verbose output messages
seafserv-gc run done

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 with Seafile 9.0.2 CE

Thanks in advance for any hints

We will check the issue. Maybe --rm-fs is not added to the community edition yet.

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This option is not added to CE yet. We’ll add it 9.0.4 version.

Thanks, @Jonathan ! I’m looking forward to seeing this in the future release.